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On Friday, December 3, 2021, HarlemYES, Masculine Identified Lesbians of Color Collective (MILCC) along with our collaborators and sponsors is pleased to present “People of Color…Aging with HIV/AIDS symposium.    The symposium is presented in support of and in recognition of World AIDS Day 2021.   This conversation is a continuation of HarlemYES’s successful 2019 World AIDS Day Symposium ““Women of Color and The State of AIDS”. 

***At the end of 2018, an estimated 1.2 MILLION People had HIV.  Of those, 482,900 were among Black/African American people.      Source: Center for Disease Control

 A panel of distinguished community activist, providers and persons living with HIV/AIDS will discuss the changing treatment options available for people of color Living with HIV/AIDS as they age.  We will also look at living with HIV/AIDS during Covid-19. 


***A growing number of older people are living with HIV/AIDS. One reason is because improved treatments are helping people with the disease live longer. 1 in 6 new HIV diagnoses were among people aged 50 and older. Many of them were diagnosed with HIV in their younger years. However, thousands of older people get HIV every year. 


***People with HIV can be more likely to experience severe illness from COVID-19.                                                                              Source: Center for Disease Control

The People of Color…Aging with HIV/AIDS Symposium’s mission is to bring awareness to, and shed light on the experiences, the effects and the disparities HIV/AIDS has on the quality of life of people of color who are aging while living with HIV/AIDS during this pandemic.  There is a disparity in treatment for people of color…particularly members of the LGBT community…what are the available options?  The symposium’s goal is to explore and share relevant and updated information to all in attendance.

EVENT DETAILS:  The People of Color…Aging with HIV/AIDS symposium will provide information and serve as a resource to an estimated 2,000 members of the LGBT community and allies: 100 live attendees at a venue to be named along with a virtual attendance of approximately 1,800 (live streaming on Facebook and Zoom).  

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